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About QHHT


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was pioneered and developed by Dolores Cannon. A QHHT Session allows one to experience a more in depth understanding about oneself and the events that have occurred or are occurring in your life. This is a process where the higher consciousness, (also know by many names: high self, SC, subconscious, universal consciousness and others), can be contacted and communicated with to bring forth information to help you understand so that you can heal emotional and physical challenges. The higher consciousness is always present with us and is filled with unconditional love. This hypnosis technique can give insight into past lives, future lives, parallel lives, and other dimensions to help us understand their lessons and purpose for us in this lifetime.


Dolores Cannon discusses QHHT, the Subconscious, Expectations, Past Lives, UFO's, and Healing during a QHHT Session in these videos. Below are the green tabs with links to Dolores Cannon's short informational videos, more of Dolores Cannon's interviews can be found on youtube.







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