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Light Resonance Healing


Explore the possibilities… Quantum Energy Exists, Human Consciousness Creates,  Global Peace is a State of Being

What is LRH

What is LRH

Our bodies contain both a physical and energy structure. The energy structure weaves both within and outside of the physical structure that allows life force energy to flow through and maintain a state of wellness.

From a metaphysical perspective, the energy body contains the chakras and aura. Chakras are within the body and the aura surrounds the body. Light Resonance Healing works with these energetic structures creating a powerful electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is directly related to how we perceive and interact with the world. In fact it connects us to everything. When this field is out of resonance and light is blocked from flowing effortlessly the energy body can become unbalanced. If unresolved this can manifest in the physical body as symptoms or dis-ease.

The Story of LRH

This healing journey can be traced back to my first visit to Egypt in 2001 however, there are events that occurred in 2003 that changed my perception of life and put me on a path to begin my practice both seeing clients and teaching others how to conduct LRH sessions for individuals, animals, the community, and globally.

One event occurred while I was driving to the hospital I worked at. I worked as a registered nurse in neonatal and pediatric intensive care. My commute consisted of driving on a busy freeway. The drive is about 60 minutes and traverses three freeways. I had just gotten on the first freeway when I became aware of a large semi truck traveling in the lane next to me on my right. The truck was traveling in the same direction I was going and at the same speed. I noticed that there was a thin string of light connecting the driver of the truck to me and the car I was in. I found this interesting. This particular freeway has a large divider in the center separating traffic traveling in the opposite direction.

Next I noticed a car traveling in the opposite direction across the divider. There was a thin string of light connecting the man to me and my car. If you take into account the physics of traveling at a high speed in the opposite direction from this man it is perplexing that I could see every detail of this man, facial features, what he was wearing and that there was light connecting us. I could look to my right and see the light connecting the truck driver and the truck to me and look to my left and see the light from this man and his car connecting to me. Then it was as if everything suddenly went into slow motion and time stopped. I didn't understand what was happening. There was suddenly no cars, no truck, no drivers, no roads, no freeway, only what appeared to be an infinite number of strings of light. The strings resembled thin strings on a harp and were made of brilliant white light. This vision was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I wasn't sure if I was dead or alive. I experienced tears of bliss and a conscious experience of oneness. When my vision returned to where I could see the road I was 3 blocks from the hospital where I worked. It's a mystery how I traversed 3 freeways. My 60 minute drive took less than 30 minutes.

About the Name

One night I awoke from my sleep. I sat up in bed and saw the words 'Light Resonance' in large white letters made of brilliant light in the air in front of me. I tried to wake my husband to see this though he remained in a deep sleep. I was fascinated seeing the words Light Resonance. I put my hand through the words to see if they would move or disappear. The words stayed suspended in the air. I had a pen and paper next to my bed so I wrote down the words 'Light Resonance' and then fell back to sleep. In the morning I thought it was all a dream until I saw the piece of paper with the words Light Resonance written on it. I was curious and researched Light Resonance. This led me to quantum physics. The next night more information flooded in visually including mathematical equations, geometric symbols including platonic solids. For months after this experience every book I picked up whether it was cell physiology or an ancient Eastern Indian text there was a reference to Light Resonance. I took this as a sign that the information I was given was directly related to Light Resonance.

About the Name
How it Works

Light Resonance Healing® ~ How it Works

Everything on earth and in the Universe has a holographic relationship. Light Resonance Healing® works with light that exists in the Universal hologram outside the body to bring light within the body. A light matrix inside the body is similar to the acupuncture points or meridians in ancient Chinese medicine and are found within the body.


Light Resonance Healing® is an alternative holistic energy approach. It utilizes frequencies to create a resonance within the body. Light Resonance unites frequencies bringing them into the body. This technique allows the light that one has within their body to resonate. As a result it strengthens frequencies within a person’s body and reboots the energy (like a computer turning on) bringing the client into a state of harmony and balance. When the Practitioner and client are in touch with these frequencies a universal flow of life force energy is created which travels through the body and activates the bodies own grid system.


Light Resonance Healing® is an advanced technique which works throughout our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual body. This healing technique is available to all of us and has been on this planet for many years. We are now re-awakening to its invaluable use as a tool to heal ourselves and radiate the light within.



Light Resonance Healing

A LRH Session is approximately 60 minutes in length. LRH Sessions are available in person.


For more information and to schedule a LRH Session

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is for information purposes only and should not be

considered to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.


What is Light Resonance Healing® ?

Light Resonance utilizes frequencies to create a resonance within the body. Grids of light within the body connect with grids found outside the body. Grids within the body are often referred to as meridians. Grids found outside the body are vast and include the sacred geometry in all of nature. Grids are also found in different parts of the world at sacred places in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, South America, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and so forth. All healing is from Creator, Source. Frequencies such as light are transmitted into the body by the Practitioner through applied techniques. These techniques are used to restore the body to a natural state of well being. Light Resonance allows frequencies to move into the body and flow throughout. Light Resonance Healing® is energy healing that is available to all of us. It works throughout our energetic and physical body.

Does this mean I will be healed ?

LRH® is an alternative holistic energy approach not intended to replace medical, psychological or counseling services provided by a Licensed Practitioner such as a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor. It is not intended to be used as a diagnosis or treatment. Light Resonance takes place on various levels; the emotional, physical, and the spiritual body. One experiences an energetic shift that may continue long after the session is complete. As an energetic shift occurs, one shifts their focus and allows Light Resonance to be absorbed on many levels aligning with their desired outcome. All healing is self-healing. 

Will I be healed after one session ?

After the initial LRH® session your body feels an energetic shift. You will continue to absorb the light resonance following the session. All healing is self-healing, the Practitioner facilitates the session. 

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