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Thank you for all your support and for the session. I really like the way you communicate before and while in hypnosis. I felt really safe and understood.

Denise, San Francisco




Friday was spectacular in many ways and I thank you for the gift of your time and talents offered to me as you are now the usher of my journey toward self love and sharing light with the world. I feel much better as a whole and I thank you for the kindness and generosity of your gift. I believe this is the beginning of many doors to open and I am so excited to see where they go.

I downloaded the recording and am looking forward to dissecting and learning more from it.


Richard, San Mateo




Thank you so much for everything. What a fantastic experience. So much to think about and appreciate too.


Briana, Los Angeles



I just wanted to say thank you again for such a quality experience. You have raised the bar on healing and being present in my world. But, I knew that you would , because the basis for your work and the work of Dolores Cannon from everything I've read and seen in video emanates respect for the divine. It is that honored and safe space created with your energy and combined with so much intelligent focus that has impressed me so much.  

I feel given a special gift of insight, how to move forward and get back at the same time. Get back to essence, of clarity, creativity but mostly magical manifesting it's all right there, isn't it. I enjoyed your rapport and felt we instantly spoke the same language. Life is good! thank you again.


Joanne, New York





I feel amazing!!! Thank you so much. Awesome dream last night. Out riding my bike around today just enjoying the weather. Yesterday was truly amazing I don't even have words for it.


Kevin, Napa




I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience!!! I think I can say that this was one of my most important moments in my life. I can't wait to hear the recording!


Donna, Seattle




Thank you so much for the deeply healing and revealing QHHT session. I can still feel the spaces we travelled through as though it's left an energetic imprint in my etheric. I am so grateful to you for creating and holding a safe space to explore. I had a blast talking to you.....there's definitely the feeling of catching up with an old friend.


Sharon, San Mateo

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