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As a Registered Nurse Valerie worked in Neonatal & Pediatric Intensive Care.  She holds Elementary and Special Education Post Graduate Teaching Credentials. Valerie co-authored the book Angel on My Shoulder, a collaborative angel anthology. Her stories have been published in numerous books. For more than 14 years, Valerie  has led groups on Sacred Journeys to Peru, England, and Egypt.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is for information purposes only and should not be considered to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.


Valerie's goal is to help others to understand, trust, and use the Divine Wisdom within. We all have the innate ability to connect with that part of us, the voice within. This is the voice of our Higher Self, Higher Consciousness. As we trust the information we are receiving from this All Knowing part of Us, we can use this information in our daily lives.

Valerie is the Founder of Light Resonance Healing®, and is a workshop facilitator who has trained individuals from all over the world. Valerie teaches workshops and conducts certificate programs in Light Resonance Healing® in Sarasota Florida, throughout the US, and internationally. Valerie lectures and teaches how to make your own connection with the Divine part of us 'using the gifts you were born with', and tools to get started, setting up your own practice.

She is a Level 3 Practitioner certified in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, QHHT, and has done advanced training with Dolores and Julia Cannon. Valerie has studied with Master Teachers worldwide and has partnered with Naturopaths, Sound Healers, Mediums, Psychics, Shamans, Energy Healers, and Andean Chiefs in her work. Valerie is currently working in Sarasota, Florida. 


I just wanted to say thank you again for such a quality experience. You have raised the bar on healing and being present in my world. But, I knew that you would , because the basis for your work and the work of Dolores Cannon from everything I've read and seen in video emanates respect for the divine. It is that honored and safe space created with your energy and combined with so much intelligent focus that has impressed me so much.

I feel given a special gift of insight, how to move forward and get back at the same time. Get back to essence, of clarity, creativity but mostly magical manifesting it's all right there, isn't it. I enjoyed your rapport and felt we instantly spoke the same language. Life is good! thank you again.



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