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Quantum Soul Expressions

Activate the light within, mobilize it to fully access your mission for being here. Feel the Divine spark as you unleash your Quantum Soul. Step into being the creative channel and awaken to the channel within. Experience your Quantum Soul Expression as you awaken to your gifts.


Go beyond 3D and 4D life expressions as you move into the expansion of your inner beingness in known and unknown ways. Flow effortlessly into expansion and experience the cosmic connections. Accelerate this expansion beyond time and space while experiencing the accelerated Quantum Soul consciousness through the emergence of self-healing, personal growth, wisdom, and more. You will awaken to the evolution of the Quantum Soul Expressions in this transformational state of resonance.

Use the CONTACT page to set up an appointment. Sessions by zoom or skype. Recordings available with zoom or skype. This interactive session is light coded, no sessions are alike. This is not hypnosis. Cost $180……90 minutes


Quantum Soul expressions called to me right away.  I set up a time with Valerie to have a session, I just had a feeling something amazing was going to happen.  I didn't know what to expect with this session, but I will say that right away, Valerie helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed.  She asked me a couple questions and then took me into my souls expression.  With her guidance I went deep into my soul self.  I found the answers I had been looking for with pain I was having in my shoulder.  She then took me further into the session which allowed me to meet parts of myself, and my councils, that I had not known before.  Giving me an opportunity to look more into my true nature and purpose here in this current life. 


The guidance that came through with this session helped me to gain huge clarity and insight to my path, my personal life and my behavior in relationships and with colleagues.  I found myself feeling tension leave my body, and pain lifting off as if it had never been there in the first place.  A profound knowledge of how much power I held in my own life, and how to bring that into my energy, to serve me and my loved ones in a better way.  This session is powerful, insightful and brings in answers you didn't even know you were looking for.  I highly recommend this session to anyone, for any stage of life you are in.  Valerie's guidance will help you find your clarity, healing and answers.  ~With Love and gratitude from Oregon





















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