Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®


QHHT® is a beautiful method developed by Dolores Cannon over several decades of practice in hypnosis with thousands of her clients. This technique allows people to access that part of themselves that has all of the answers and receive instantaneous self-healing if it’s appropriate. 

More about QHHT

A QHHT session allows you to have a more in depth understanding through Past Life Regression, about yourself and the events that have or are occurring in your life.


This is a process where the SC, also know as the Subconscious, Super Conscious, Higher-Self, Higher Consciousness, Over-Soul is contacted during the session to help you understand your past lives or other experiences, so that in your current life a healing can take place if appropriate, very quickly and on many levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Understanding what has caused challenges in your present life leads to compassion towards oneself which brings healing, joy, and purpose to your life. This knowing can bring clairity, success, and self-healing. 


Our Higher Self, Subconscious is with us always and continuously shares wisdom and unconditional love, though are we listening? A QHHT session can help you to better understand lessons, past and present, to use the wisdom in these lessons so that you don't have to repeat sabotaging patterns with partners, family, friends, co-workers, and bosses. Are you ready for a change? Don't wait to make an appointment the time is now.


                          "If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness.

                                                                                       Only then is it possible to help him."      Hippocrates                                                                                                                                 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session Information

Set the intention to connect with your Higher-Self, that Divine part of you that holds all of the information, wisdom, and healing. You can do this by saying the following prior to falling asleep, just as you wake up, or anytime during the day: “I connect easily with my Higher Self”, it's that simple. If you meditate It's wonderful to do before coming to your appointment. 

Bring questions that you would like answered to your session. If you have a lot of questions put the most important ones at the top. Write or print out your questions on paper.

Limit alcohol the night before. If you consume a lot of caffeine try having a cup prior to your appointment. It's important to eat something before your appointment.

Following your session take it easy the rest of the evening and drink plenty of water, so that you can process this beautiful journey you've just experienced.

I will record your session and send you a link to download it. The link will be available to download for 1 week. 

Parts of your QHHT session will be crystal clear following the session, though just like a dream it begins to fade. This is why listening to your recording allows you to absorb and process the information you received. Don't listen to your recording while driving it may cause you to become distracted.

Your session is confidential so please come to your session alone. If someone is driving you they can drop you off and return to pick you up when you call or text them that your session is over.

Watch Dolores Cannon's short videos below and the video by my dear friend and colleague Suzanne Spooner which has essential 'Tips for Having a Great QHHT Session'

To schedule your QHHT session or to ask questions use the contact page or email: valcamozzi@gmail.com

             I look forward to being your guide on this magical, life changing, transformational journey.


QHHT Videos


Below are a series of videos, Dolores Cannon discusses how she created and developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), answers the question what is the subconscious, outlines what to expect in a Quantum Healing Session and other topics.